Humble Beginnings

An independent research project lead by our Qwalify founder revealed an unfortunate trend: Many organizations hire for skills and fire for attitude. And so Qwalify was born to remedy this.

Résumés tell half the story.

Résumés do not paint a full picture of a person, and yet many organizations rely on them to evaluate and hire people. Hiring the wrong people results in high turnover rates, which can have a profoundly negative effect on an organization's productivity and success.

There has to be a better way.

Qwalify has developed an approach to hiring that goes beyond résumés. We envision a future where hiring managers could instead hire for attitude and train for skills.

We're on a mission to create a new standard for hiring.

We're committed to creating intuitive technology to power the future of hiring. You have one of the most important jobs around: Hiring qualified people who will ultimately impact the success of your company. We also understand how important your time is, especially when you're undergoing fast growth. We're focused on building easy-to-use, validated tools that will empower you to make the best hiring decisions, every time.

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